Borderline substances

Oral Nutrition Supplements (ONS) Approval date Review date
Recommendations on managing malnutrition+prescribing of ONS November 2016 November 2019
A guide for patients who need nutritional supplements January 2014 April 2021
A guide to prescribing oral nutritional supplements June 2018 June 2021
Ready Reckoner-Aymes products   April 2021
Nutritional Supplementation and AMD - EKPG June 2014 April 2021
Gluten free
FAQs on Gluten Free Recommendation EKPG November 2018 April 2021
Specialist Formula
Quick guide to prescribing Specialist Infant formulae in the acute trust and the community EKPG v3 December 2020 December 2022
KM Guide Specialist Infant Formula V6 December 2020 December 2022​