Local recommendations (Respiratory)

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Airways disease, obstructive

Recommendation Approval date Review date
K&M Rescue Pack COPD December 2023 December 2025
Primary Care Management of COPD February 2022 February 2024
Interim Position Statement Carbon Footprint of Inhalers February 2022 February 2024
Asthma inhaler guidelines (age 12-adult) August 2023 August 2025
Asthma inhaler guidelines (Paediatric Under 12 years) December 2023 December 2025
COPD Self-Management of Flare-ups Guide February 2022 February 2024


Allergic conditions

Recommendation Approval date Review date
EKPG Management of Allergic Rhinitis Guidelines v4 December 2018 December 2021
Prescribing of Adrenaline Auto-Injectors December 2021 April 2023


General (Respiratory)

Recommendation Approval date Review date
Inhaler Identification Aid EKPG June 2019 June 2022
Contact details to obtain placebos for inhaler devices June 2019 June 2022
PR2020-02 Omalizumab for CIndUs February 2020 February 2023


Inhaler technique guidance

Inhaler technique guides
Inhaler Techniques Master Index
Inhaler Techniques - One Page Guide
01 - How to use your Metered Dose Inhaler
02 - How to use you Metered Dose Inhaler with large volume spacer device
03 - How to use Metered Dose Inhaler with small volume spacer device
04 - How to use your Accuhaler inhaler
05 - How to use your Autohaler inhaler
06 - How to use your Breezhaler inhaler
07 - How to use your Easi-breathe inhaler
08 - How to use your Easyhaler inhaler
09 - How to use your Ellipta inhaler
10 - How to use your Forspiro
11 - How to use your Genuair inhaler
12 - How to use your Spiriva HandiHaler inhaler
13 - How to use your NEXThaler inhaler
14 - How to use your Novolizer inhaler
15 - How to use your Respimat inhaler
16 - How to use your Spiromax inhaler
17 - How to use your Turbohaler inhaler
18 - How to use your Aerolizer inhaler
19 - How to use your Clickhaler inhaler